Why Do My Facebook Posts Have Low Reach?

Increasing the reach of your Facebook page is a goal of many digital marketers because social media can be a low-cost way to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. Today, almost all of your potential customers are likely to be on Facebook. So it makes sense for your business to be there as well and engaging with those folks. Users on social networks didn’t necessarily expect to be marketed to when social media marketing first took off, but today, it’s more difficult to get high reach on Facebook and other social media websites. Facebook’s algorithm updates prioritize posts from people, groups, and pages that an individual is most likely to interact with. 

Be An Active Page

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your page is to be more engaged yourself, staying on top of current events, and posting relevant content that users are talking about. You can get creative with these posts, posting about topics that inform users or tips to improve some aspect of their lives. You want to start a discussion on your posts, not make it about you and your brand. Providing your followers or people who see your posts with valuable information and discussion will help them become familiar with you and engage with you.

Ways to Drive Engagement

Typically, most people who like a page or are part of a group on the internet are “lurkers” or people who visit the community often but don’t post. The challenge at hand for marketers is to get these lurkers to come out of their shells and begin posting and interacting with posts. Images and videos have worked better than text-heavy posts in terms of driving user engagement. Rewarding people who interact with your posts are valuable too, let them know that their feedback is essential and ensure that your page isn’t a toxic place for anyone. If you allow toxic behavior, lurkers will stay lurkers and never become active in your community. 

Don’t Spam

You’ve probably seen examples of this across the internet in the form of click-bait headlines, soliciting likes, asking explicitly for engagement is considered spam because these boost your engagement artificially. These posts can seem like a good idea at the time because you’ll receive engagement, but it will be extremely short-lived, and users will quickly go back to ignoring your content. 

Key Points

It’s more sustainable to create content that’s consistently relevant to users who follow your page than creating some clickbaity post about whatever the latest trend is. Posting things that are important to your users will help keep them engaged, the biggest challenge is to remember to put the follower’s interest first because that’ll be what helps your likes go up.

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