Why Do I Need Keep Checking My Campaigns After Setting Them?

After creating your ads, setting your budgets and keywords and hitting publish, you may think that you’re done with your online ad campaigns. It is crucial to keep going back in to make edits and track progress in order to run a successful campaign, especially if your business is running sales or changing product lines. Below are some of the reasons why you cannot set and forget your online campaigns.

Resolving Errors

With constantly changing product lines to go with the seasons or in-store promotions, you’ll need to make sure your website and ads are updated to go along with existing inventory. You won’t want to spend money advertising products that are out of stock or have been retired, and if you do, you run the risk of having your ads disapproved or receiving account warnings. Checking your account manually through Google Merchant Center will keep you aware of errors and keep your ads active.

Where are Users Converting?

Chances are, not every keyword you use will be successful right off the bat. By performing daily checks, you will be able to see what keywords are converting and which are underperforming, as well as what products are resulting in sales through a detailed SKU report. By seeing the products driving users to convert on your site, you will be able to rework ads to include more keywords for well-performing items, including broad match keywords to describe the item itself. You will also be able to see how your customers are interacting with your website and what drives sales, besides product.

Checking for Unwanted Traffic

People searching for similar products may wind up on your website, but find that is in not relevant to their needs. By performing regular checks on your ad campaigns, you’ll be able to block out traffic you don’t want in order to allocate more of your budget for likely potential customers. You will be able to add low-performing or irrelevant search terms as negative keywords, which prevent your ads from appearing and saves your money and budget for advertising to your base. After setting your negative keywords, it is critical to make sure that unwanted traffic is properly filtering to keep an eye on your spending.

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