Why Do I need Google Webmaster Tools?

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a helpful tool that allows you to communicate with Google while giving you access to a number of critical features. These features includes your internal and external links, your sites crawl rate, the keywords users type to find your site, the stats of your site, and many others.

Here is a list of some of the amazing features provided by Google Webmaster Tools

Search Queries:

In the search queries section you can see the specific keywords that led the users to your website. This list is very handy because it provides you with a list of keywords that you may not have been unaware of and also how effective or ineffective the keywords you are currently using are. The Search queries section also shows the number of impressions and clicks, perfect for seeing how effective the click-through-rate is for each keyword.

Broken Links:

When Google crawls your website, one of the biggest issues it picks up on is broken links. Broken links are bad as people cannot access certain pages on your site which may lead them to turn to competitors. This is bad for SEO as well because your website is losing traffic and Google may penalize your site for the broken links.

Content Keywords:

Similar to Search Queries, Content Keywords show you what keywords are found on your site as well as their significance. While Search Queries only show how people find your site, Content Keywords show how effective each keyword is (the significance). If you click on the each keyword, it also displays a list of the Top URLs for every keyword on your website.


This section displays the sitemaps found on your website by Google along with the number of URLs. If you find the sitemap to be different than what you were expecting, you can easily resubmit the sitemap.

From building your website to ensuring the continued “health” of its online presence, these 5 features are just the “tip of the iceberg” into the full functionality and features of Google Webmaster Tools.

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