Why Do I Have Direct Traffic in Google Analytics?

An important part of marketing and owning a business is being able to read your data and traffic flow. You want to know where most of your website traffic is coming from to better market your business. One of the larger traffic channels for most websites is called direct traffic. Knowing what direct traffic is can help you save countless hours and headaches. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss common questions regarding direct traffic and why it exists.

What is Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic can be generated by all kinds of user activity and links that are connected to your website. When Google Analytics categorizes a session under direct traffic that usually means it could not pinpoint the traffic source. Therefore, Google Analytics will simply qualify the generated traffic under “direct”. The main reason for direct traffic is to count the number of users that directly search your website’s URL into a search engine. If you have high direct traffic from users searching for your website that tends to mean your business has excellent branding. This is because users are beginning to remember your name, leading them to search for you when they need your products or services.

What Causes Direct Traffic to Occur?

As previously stated all kinds of direct links can trigger a direct traffic response by Google Analytics. However, some of the biggest reasons you may see direct traffic is from not properly tracking your links. If you have a referral link to your website that you are tracking but it keeps showing up as “direct traffic” then something may be wrong with your tracking code. Another reason can be from social media clicks and ads. Some buttons on social media profiles are tracked as direct traffic rather than referral or social. This can make it difficult at points to discern how much social media is driving traffic. Lastly, if you are investing in paid advertisements then this can lead to a spike in direct traffic. This occurs because a user can see your advertisement and not click on it, but then later search your website directly if you pop up in their mind again.

How Can You Reduce Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does hinder you from fully understanding exactly where each user is coming from. Hence, why it is best to try and reduce direct traffic in areas that are under your control. To make data more precise it’s important to have your links tracked. That way any time your links are used you will know exactly how a user ends up on your website. Another great way is by blocking internal data streams. You’ll have numerous employees and admins working on your website which can skew your data. By considering these tips there is no doubt you’ll see a decrease in your direct traffic over time in Google Analytics.

 Have the Best Team Behind Your Analytics

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