Why did my Website Traffic Drop?

From technical issues to changes in Google’s algorithm, there are many factors to consider when seeing a drop in website traffic. Since there is such a range, it can be challenging to detect the specific reason. This guide will help you determine some on-page and off-page SEO factors that may contribute to a drop in traffic. First, it’s important to avoid these black hat SEO tactics when creating content or publishing information on your site. This will help to avoid penalties from Google.

The site is outdated

Updates are imperative for a successful website. This includes changes to content, new links, or any sort of activity. Without adding or updating information to your site, there is no competitive advantage for you among your competitors. By completing a competitor analysis, you are able to see what your competitors are doing to remain relevant within the industry. This then allows you to determine what is working and adapt your content strategy accordingly.

Crawling or indexing issues

If you have recently changed your site to a new design that is JavaScript-based, this can create issues when crawling or indexing. If Google isn’t able to crawl and index, then traffic will inherently go down. The professionals at Boston Web Marketing will be able to help you determine if certain updates will hurt your site or not. 

Traffic-driving content is gone

When conducting a website audit, a typical rule of thumb is to eliminate all thin content. While that is important to do, it’s important to note whether or not that content drives your traffic before eliminating it. Keep in mind all aspects of technical SEO before making determinations on content to delete, or this can have a negative impact on your site.

A backlink was removed

In terms of off-page SEO, other sites can have links to your pages that help drive traffic to your site. In this case, if that external page or website goes down, that will eliminate that referral traffic for you. Unfortunately, this is not something you can truly be in control of. This can also happen if Webmasters cleans up links on an external site. 

Changes in Rich Snippets

Changes happen with Google all the time, and what is the first result one day may not be the next for specific queries. In this case, if a page on your site had a featured or rich snippet, and then a competitor produces similar content that is featured, your traffic will go down. Losing the featured snippet can also happen if Google makes any changes to their algorithm.

Increase your Website Traffic with Boston Web Marketing

Some of the changes mentioned above may be difficult to determine when there are other aspects of the business happening. The experts with Boston Web Marketing can help keep your traffic high by considering issues before they happen. If you want to make your website traffic a priority, Boston Web Marketing is here to help. Let us know what your marketing objectives are today!

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