Why Did My Website Drop In Rankings?

In an increasingly digital world, your business’ website rankings are vital to your bottom line. Maintaining a good standing in SERPs not only brings new customers to your business but can also help returning customers find you and interact with your brand again. However, search engines like Google and Bing have algorithms that can be unpredictable. You may find your website dropping in ranking month to month with little to no explanation of what happened. And without knowing why your website is losing position, it can be extremely challenging to fix it. There are many reasons your website could drastically drop in SERP rankings.

Increased Competition

A driving factor in how your website ranks for keywords in your area is how competitive those keywords are. Any business knows the threat of a similar business opening down the street from them, but it is harder to notice changes in an industry’s landscape online. In many cases, an emerging competitor for your keywords isn’t a new business, but a business that has recently employed an aggressive SEO strategy. Rewriting their content, updating meta titles & descriptions, and even employing some black hat SEO tactics might give them the upper hand in ranking. However, if the majority of their success is coming from black hat SEO tactics like buying links, duplicate content, and exact match URLs, they will eventually lose their ranking due to Google’s algorithms penalizing black hat SEO strategies. But, if your competitors are outperforming you seemingly overnight, the best response is to analyze their targeted keywords. Understanding what content they have recently created, if they have improved website speed, or other common SEO strategies. Understanding how your competitors increased their ranking is the best way to improve your own strategy.

Google Algorithm Updates

Another reason websites see a steep drop off in rankings is due to algorithm updates. Google and other search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms to improve how websites rank and discourage black hat SEO. However, even websites that do not employ black SEO strategies can see a quick drop-off after Google announces an update. Unfortunately, Google will never specifically go into details on how their updates affect page rankings because that would defeat the purpose of an update. That is why it is important to follow and subscribe to professional SEO blogs and news updates. SEO bloggers constantly write about Google updates and theorize ways to help their clients benefit from new updates. If you notice a drop in your rankings following an update, checkout blogs on that specific update to see if there are recommended strategies to improve your ranking.

Get An SEO Audit

If you are concerned about your website’s ranking, hire Boston Web Marketing for a free SEO and website audit to diagnose large problems that might be the key to restoring your website’s ranking on SERPs.

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