Why Did My Impressions Drop and How to Fix It

Google Webmasters Tools gives webmasters valuable information concerning their site. You will find crawl errors, links to your site, keyword usesage, what key words make impressions on SERPs, which ones users click and the keywords average position on Google.

I always want to give myself a pat on the back when I see the percentage increase for impressions is green and instant panic when it is red and has decreased! It made me wonder, why the decrease in impressions occurred after seeing a great increase!

The reasons your impressions drop can vary so here goes:

  1. Searchers have changed the keyword being used to search for what your website offers, decrease in the keyword volume. Do some research using Google’s helpful keyword planning tool  to find new keyword opportunities.
  2. Your competition might have stepped up their game and started pushing out similar content. Keep rolling out relevant content for those keywords you want to appear for, there is no such thing as too much content (unless it is a lot of duplicate content, then you’re just not even trying).
  3. Was there an algorithm change recently? A Panda algorithm update could have occurred without you even knowing. This algorithm affects website with low-quality and thin content. Check your content and make sure it is relevant, unique and informational. Remember write for the user, not search engines.

Just because impressions dropped doesn’t mean your website is doomed. Do some research and continue to implement you basic SEO tactics. For more questions about SEO visit our FAQ section.

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