Why Did My Google Business Profile Get Suspended?

With online searches for businesses happening often, Google Business Profiles are invaluable for businesses everywhere. When businesses have their respective Google Business Profile set up, users can easily access the business’s details and information with a simple search query. Unfortunately, there can be instances where a Google Business Profile gets suspended. Below we will dive into common causes of Google Business Profile suspensions, and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Google Views Address Change as Red Flag

Changing your address on your business profile is allowed but must be done carefully. One of the most common reasons Google will suspend a Business profile is when owners submit an address change to their business listing. This can happen when Google views the address change as “suspicious activity”. Before changing your business profile address, review Googles address guidelines. If your address does not need to be changed, it is probably best to let it be.

2. Adding too Many Keywords on Your Profile

While keywords can be great for helping businesses rank high, sometimes less is more. In this case, it is important to avoid stuffing too many keywords across your profile.

3. A User Reported Your Profile to Google

Even if your business does everything right and plays by all the rules, sometimes all it takes is one malicious user to report your profile for no good reason. In most cases, the report will not have much of an effect, but it can never be ruled out that your profile might get suspended if a user decides to do this. While this is pretty much out of business control, it is important to keep a friendly, professional relationship with everyone connected to your business.


While those are a handful of ways a Google Business Profile can get suspended,  there are a handful more reasons that can lead to suspensions. Whether your Google Business Profile got suspended fairly or unfairly, reinstating the profile can be a lengthy process. It is best to do everything in your power to avoid a profile suspension because users will not be able to find your profile on Google while it is suspended. There is also no guarantee your profile will be reinstated, meaning you will have to create a new one and start over.

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