Why design your next website in WordPress?

In the past we have covered why Google webmasters tools is a great program and yesterday I got a surprising notification from webmasters tools. Normally these updates alert you when your site may have malware or may be experiencing higher volumes of traffic. Yesterday, however, webmasters tools alerted me that I was running an older version of WordPress and that I should update my system. If I was signed into the back-end of my website I would have seen a similar message, but when I saw this from Webmasters tools, I thought to myself, why use any other type of website design system or CMS system?

A little bit on the foundations of WordPress. WordPress was originally used as a simple blogging system, an add on to your current site. Web designers could easily add a blog to your existing website using the easy functionality of a CMS system. This allowed business owners to post information without having to go through a web designer. What designers started to notice was that their WordPress blog posts were showing up in Google better than the main pages of their sites. This lead to designers starting to build entire websites in WordPress.

WordPress offers many advantages to the traditional HTML designed website. One great advantage is that a WordPress system allows business owners to update their own information on their own time. This saves businesses both time and money. Secondly, WordPress sites offers a blog feature build right in their system. This eliminates the need to pay someone to add this feature to your site. But what might be the most important part of WordPress sites is their relationship with Google.

Over the years we have seen Google place a higher significance on providing new content and keeping your website fresh and engaging. A WordPress site affords you all of these options. WordPress sites also have easy to use integration systems that allow you to post information across various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. But the biggest advantage of a WordPress site is speed in which it takes Google to read your site for new information. We find that WordPress sites indexed faster and more efficiantly on Google than most other forms of websites design. The sheer fact that webmasters tools can now view your current WordPress software and inform you of an update, speaks volumes to the connection that Google has with WordPress.

So why build your next website in anything other than WordPress? I am not sure.

 By Matt Wilkos

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