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Why Current Site Audits Might Be Useless

Website audits are necessary in understanding the issues with a current website. Audits help us make improvements to better boost our search results. However, just as SEO strategies have changed in the past, website audits should also be changing. Unfortunately, these changes aren’t being picked up as quickly as new SEO strategies. These days, it’s important to perform site audits based on the industry and the industry’s consumer type.

General site audits work to cover technical aspects of a website, such as broken links, indexing problems and codes. If you’re looking to pinpoint overall flaws of a website, a general audit is where it’s at. Audits have even expanded to look at content, user friendliness, and conversion factors. However, sometimes these audits end up doing more harm than good — and here’s why.

Audits that don’t focus on that specific industry’s consumers may never understand why their website isn’t improving in search results or conversions. Webmasters need to focus more on issues that consumers have with a website. Search Engines have, for some time now, be rooting for the user. A user first experience is therefore what site audits need to be focused on. In order to cater more towards the consumer, it’s best to perform routine site audits that look at industry-focused content and conversion factors.

Undergoing monthly or bi-monthly site audits is a better strategy to improving a website as making only a couple changes at a time will help better gauge the success of that change. For example, if you change the color of your call to action button and receive 10 new conversions over the next 30 days, then it’s a fair bet to say that change was effective. However, if you change the color of your call to action button, add a different photo to your homepage slider, and publish another service page, you won’t know what element really drove in those 10 conversions.

Our best advice here from our Boston SEO company is that slow and steady wins the race; it’s ineffective to do a major site audit all the time and then undergoing a flurry of changes all at once. SEO is a long-term relationship and it’s about continuing to improve and build consumer trust.

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