Why Blogging is Necessary for SEO Efforts

SEO is not always a walk in the park. Google is constantly changing the algorithms and policies and sometimes it’s tough to keep up. One practice that will always be beneficial for SEO is blogging. Blogging is essential when it comes to ranking high on search engines because it keeps the content on your site new and relevant. Yet, blogging will only help your SEO if you do it right. Here are some reasons why blogging is so important for SEO and how to do it right.

Fresh Content

Search engines love fresh, new content. Since the other pages on your site probably aren’t changing too often, a blog is a perfect place to continue posting new information and have it be relevant and unique to your viewers. Blogging helps you build relationships with your viewers, puts yourself as an expert in the field, and provides new content for Google to index. If someone goes onto a site that has not been updated in years, what are the chances they stay on the site? Google doesn’t want to deliver its searchers outdated information, and no one wants to read outdated information. This is why fresh, new content is so important for SEO and blogging helps you easily keep up on that.

Blogs Keep People on Your Website Longer

The search engine’s priorities are to provide people the information they are searching for so that they’ll continue using that search engine. The bounce rate of websites let the search engines know whether the information on the site is helpful and unique or not. If someone opens a site and clicks right out of it, the search engine is not going to want to rank them high since no one is getting the information they are looking for from that website. Yet, when someone clicks on your website and stays for a while, search engines take notice and will see that the information on the site is new and relevant. If you’re writing well written, informative blogs often, the bounce rate on your site will be lower and your site is more likely to rank higher on the search engines. The longer the blogs, the better. The average first-page result on Google is nearly 2,000 words long.

Blogs Give Opportunities for Internal Linking

Within a blog, you can link certain keywords and phrases to other pages on your site. For example, if you are writing a blog for a personal training company and you use the words “personal training” or “group training”, you can link those words to other pages of your website. If you link the keywords “group training” to the group training page on your site people will be more likely to go to that page. The opportunities to create internal links in blog posts are endless. This will keep people on your website longer as well as give other pages on your site more exposure.

Blogs Help Connect with Your Audience

When you are constantly uploading new, interesting content to your site your loyal visitors will always be back and it will help you build a connection with these visitors as well. Search engines notice when people like your website and always return, which is great for SEO. Search engines want to know that people are actually getting useful and updated information from your site and if they know that then you will be ranked higher and your SEO efforts will be successful.

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