Why Aren’t The Links I Want Showing Up In Google Search Results?

Search engine optimization is a process that sometimes leaves more questions than answers. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and updating to reflect a user experience undergoing the same process. Much of this uncertainty can lead to problems that you aren’t sure how to solve. One of the biggest problems that you’ll likely run into is this: your website shows up on search results, but not the links you want to show up. We’ll get more into the root of this problem below!

Check Your Metadata

One crucial aspect of SEO that consistently gets overlooked is the metadata. Specifically, your page titles and meta descriptions are more important to search engines than you’d think! It’s easy to get this part of your strategy down right, but it’s even easier to get it wrong! The biggest problem that people face when making their metadata is being too specific with it. For example, if your main services page is just titled “Services”, it likely isn’t going to rank very high! Now, if you name your page “Plumbing Services in Boston, MA”, that’s a different story. The more specific you can be in the character allotment, the better.

Check Google Search Console

In order for Google to consider your website’s pages for ranking on their platform, the search engine first skims through all of them through a process called crawling. This isn’t a process that’s foolproof; there are plenty of errors that can occur when Google is crawling your website! If they find an error while crawling, the affected page won’t be available for viewing on a search engine’s results page. You can check this problem easily through Google Search Console! Simply look at the affected pages to figure out what ailments are plaguing your website. You’ll be able to fix them quickly afterwards!

Optimize The Page For Mobile

Accessibility is becoming more and more of an important part for your business’s SEO strategy. The less people can fully understand your content, the poorer you’ll rank! Google tends to rank pages higher that are mobile friendly and have no accessibility issues. You can check this issue pretty quickly through Google search console. Common problems are things such as text being too small to read on the screen and clickable links being too close to each other.

SEO With Boston Web Marketing

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