Why Aren’t Readers Opening my Emails?

Currently, a little more than 60% of emails are being opened on mobile devices, but most people will just delete it if it isn’t optimized properly. If you’re wondering why your emails aren’t being read, we’ll provide some insight and how you can change that.

1)   Getting People to Open the Email

In most email apps, there are three ways to sway users to open your email: subject, from line & first line.

  • Subject

You have 20-30 characters to entice your mobile readers to open your email. You want to ensure your subject line pops, but is still relevant to your landing page.

  • First Line

Keeping the first line of an email personal and genuine is a sure way to keep users reading. If it reads like an email they would receive from a friend, they will most likely open and continue to read.

  • From Line

Having your emails coming from a real person feels more personable than an automated system. Adding a personal touch is an easy way for users to open your email.

2)   The Size of Your Font

You can have the best content in an email, but if your font isn’t easy to read, why would someone strain to read it?

3)   Email Design

The best way to design an email is to keep it simple. Keep the design consistent between your emails and the landing page. Don’t forget to test your emails! What works for one email platform, may not work for another.

4)   Call to Action Isn’t Noticeable

Make sure that your call to action (CTA) buttons are big enough for your users to see and to touch. Chris Hexton at Optimizely suggests using CRAFT when creating CTAs.

  • Colorful: Make your buttons eye catching
  • Relevant: The button is consistent with the email
  • Actionable: The message is clear and direct
  • Forceful: Tell the users what to do
  • Targeted: Keep your CTA single and targeted

Because mobile users aren’t going anywhere fast, it is beneficial to look into your email analytics to see how you can improve. For more information on improving your emails, contact Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096.

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