Why Are Users Leaving My Website So Quickly?

Having a tool like Google Analytics connected to your website allows you to have significant insight into how users interact with your website. This tool can be useful in countless ways, one such example is showing which web page a user is on when they leave your website. What exactly do we do with this information once we have it? There are several options.

While we can’t tell what exactly makes a particular user leave your website, we can observe patterns and study user behavior to see where we can improve the user experience or encourage further action to keep users on your site for longer. Not only is keeping people on your website good for your SEO performance, but it will increase your chances of getting conversions. Read below for possible reasons users are leaving your website to see if these could be issues for you to begin addressing.

Outdated Website

When visiting a website the first thing people usually notice is how up-to-date it is. If your website looks like it was created right around the time that the internet was invented, it will reflect poorly on your business. People might not take your business very seriously if its web presence is not spectacular. You’ll be sure to accumulate more leads with an updated, professional-looking website

User Experience 

If your website isn’t easy to use, users will surely leave. In order to keep people on your site, improve user experience to make it as easy as possible for people to navigate each page. Make sure the website menu is clear and concise, that there are internal links to help users go from page to page, and there are multiple call-to-action buttons throughout the site. Step into the shoes of your ideal customer and think about what they’re likely looking for on your website and make sure that information is easy to find. 

Slow Load Time

There is nothing more impatient than an internet user. Because we have been spoiled with lightning-fast internet and top-rated website’s like Google that load incredibly fast, most users have become impatient and unwilling to wait for a slow webpage to load. If your landing page is slow to load, odds are that a user will go back to the search results page where they found you and go to a competitor’s site instead. Use these tips to start improving your load time immediately.


If a user finds you in a search result, they will have an expectation of what to find on the landing page they click on. If your page titles and meta descriptions are inconsistent with the content on the corresponding page, users will surely leave. Staying consistent is important when it comes to customers’ trust in your website and business. 

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