Why Are Service Area Pages Important For My Website?


Why Are Service Area Pages Important For My Website?

If you’ve recently visited a business’ website, you’ve probably seen web pages specifically built for particular towns and cities. Service area pages are used for several reasons and are useful to most business’ websites. Read below to find out what exactly service area pages are and how they will improve your website and overall SEO performance.


Display Your Service Area

One of the most obvious advantages to having service area pages on your website is that these pages will tell potential customers if you provide your services to their town or city. By seeing a page dedicated to their town, customers can be sure that they can use your business and will be more likely to contact you.


Search Result Pages

Service area pages improve your presence in search results. When a customer makes a Google or Bing search for “painters in Boston, MA,” you are much more likely to appear in the search results if your website has a page dedicated to your painting services in Boston. Relying on the content elsewhere on your website will make it difficult to appear in search results for a town or city if it is different than where your business is located.


Internal Links

Building both external and internal links to your website is crucial to improving your SEO performance. In addition to SEO purposes, providing links to your other pages, for example, service pages and a contact page, helps guide users to more relevant information they may be looking for. By making this easy for the user, you increase your chances of getting a conversion from their visit to your website.


It can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to get attention from the everyday customer when large businesses providing the same services have a well-known brand. By improving your SEO performance with tasks like these, your business is sure to receive more business from internet users looking for your service. Building service area pages is one of the many services Boston Web Marketing provides our customers. Contact us to start improving your business’ website today!

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