Why Are My Google Rankings Fluctuating?

It’s normal for Google rankings to fluctuate month over month, but many people are unsure why. Understanding how and why your rankings fluctuate will allow you to better understand search engines and adapt your SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and algorithm updates will typically affect your search engine rankings. Other common reasons include technical issues, competition changes, seasonality, and more. Learn below the top reasons why your rankings may fluctuate on Google so you can stay aware of your organic presence. 

Top Reasons Why Your Rankings May Be Fluctuating On Google

Discover below just three of the top reasons why your rankings may fluctuate on Google.

Technical Issues

Sometimes, technical issues with your site prevent Google from crawling and indexing it. Issues like a 404 error or other issues that may be causing issues or unavailable requests can prevent your site from being ranked to its best ability. Other technical issues include the page speed on your website. Both technical and creative SEO tactics are needed to provide optimal results with search engine ranking. If your website page speed has suddenly gotten slower, it may be showing in the rankings on Google. 

Competition Changes

Changes in competition can affect the way your website ranks on Google. As billions of websites are out on the internet, with more launching each day, it can be hard to be in charge of the most successful website of them all. Companies always use new SEO strategies to take over the top spot on search engines. This may affect your rankings and where you are placed on both search engines and the local pack of Google. Try to stay ahead of the game with algorithm changes and content updates to prevent dropping far down on the search engine results page. Also, look out for dropped queries and competitors who have taken your place.


Seasonality can also have a significant impact on your rankings on Google. If you are looking to stay ahead of what users may be searching for, be sure that you continue to do keyword research throughout the year and not just once or twice in the beginning. Users will search for different things as summer rolls around or the winter season hits. Ensure your website and its content are updated as the seasons change to prevent big drops from competitors taking advantage.

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