Why Are Meta Descriptions Important?

When you’re setting up a new page, there are plenty of little things that you need to do to make sure it’s optimized for SEO. Making sure you include the proper keywords, images, and alt text are some of the most important things that you can do. However, there’s another vital element that often flies under the radar: page meta descriptions! Despite how small they are, they carry a lot of significance that can help you rank well. So, why is this the case, and what makes meta descriptions so important? We highlight the facts for you below!

You Can Use Them To Rank For Keywords

Did you know that your meta description is one of the best places where you can put keywords? These keywords are some of the first ones that Google sees when it determines where it puts your web page on search results. For example, if you’re writing a blog about gutter maintenance as an exterior contractor, you can use the meta description to promote your gutter installation service for a specific area. Not only can you use a meta description to rank for important keywords, but you can also use them to rank for location-based ones!

The Length Matters

Even though Google has publicly stated that meta descriptions are not a primary ranking factor in determining search results, they still have some recommendations for them. Specifically, your meta description shouldn’t be much longer than 160 characters. Why is this? Google tends to shorten meta descriptions to around this length regardless if they may be longer than that. The default meta description will be an excerpt from your page, but you can change that to prevent the description being cut off.

They Act As An Advertisement

A link’s page title and meta description will be the first thing that searchers see when they look at your result. If it isn’t compelling enough, they’ll move on to a different page. You should use your meta description to advertise the page, making it interesting enough that people will click on it. It may be a good idea to include some information that people might not readily know to pique their curiosity, or promote a deal that’s too good to ignore.

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