Why are Meta Descriptions Important To SEO?

Not only are the keywords and phrases in a meta description important to search engine’s ranking algorithms, they are also a critical element of the users decision making process. These descriptions help users decide which page to click out of the hundreds and hundreds of results that appear after searching a query. The more detailed and enticing the description is, the more likely your site will generate clicks from the search engine results page. 

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is the little paragraph or snippet of text (it should not exceed 160 characters) that appears below the page title on the search engine results page. Meta descriptions should include keywords and phrases that accurately describe the page’s content while, at the same time, looking like a normal sentence. For example, just cramming as many keywords as you can into your meta description will not only hurt your ranking, but it will also signal to users that your website is full of spammy content rather than useful information. Your meta descriptions, like your page titles, should also be different on each separate page of your website. Google will penalize websites for simply copy and pasting the same description onto multiple pages within the site.

How do I Add a Meta Description to a Page?

The answer to this question will change depending on what site-builder was used to create your website. In general, however, most site-builders have similar layouts so it shouldn’t be too hard to find where the meta description needs to go. On WordPress, for example, the area to add your meta description will come up under an SEO plugin drop-down menu at the bottom of a page. Some useful WordPress SEO plugins that make page titles and meta descriptions easily accessible are “Yoast” and “All-In-One SEO”. WordPress will also show you a preview of what your page title and meta description will look like on the search engine results page. Meta descriptions can also be added in HTML format using thesection of your site’s back-end. It should look something like this:



Do You Have More Questions About Meta Descriptions or Search Engine Optimization?

If you have more questions about meta descriptions or need SEO help, please contact our team at Boston Web Marketing. Our SEO specialists would be happy to speak with you about improving your businesses performance on the web. Give us a call at (857) 526-0096 or fill out our contact form here.

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