Why Are H-tags Important for SEO?

Writing effective online content is a key part of increasing your organic search traffic to your website. However, how exactly do you accomplish that? One important aspect to effective online content is H-tags. Learn about how to use H-tags effectively to ensure search engines are ranking your content. 

What are H-Tags (<– Hint: this is an H-tag!)

Heading tags, often referred to as H-tags, are a way to format your online content to be easily read and categorized by Google and other search engines. Not only are heading tags a great way to effectively summarize your content for search engines, but they are also an effective tool for breaking up content on a page to make it more reader-friendly. 

Good h-tags that include your keywords and summarize the content well will ensure that your content ranks higher on Google which will help users find your website when searching for related content. Good h-tag practices are important to understand for anyone creating content so that your content is effective at increasing the organic search traffic to your website. 

How to Write a Good H-Tag 

Writing effective H-tags is essential to building your website’s organic search traffic. Luckily, there is a simple formula to ensure that your H-tags are correctly utilized. 

  • Use the correct type of H-tag: H-tags range from H1 to H6, with the numbers signifying the importance of each heading. This means that H1 tags are for your big-picture content like your page title. Then, you can move up the ladder in order from H2 to H6 in the order of most to least important content. 
  • Ensure your H-tags have keywords: Google bots are scanning your H-tags to learn what your content is about. Therefore, your heading tags should include the themes you are talking about in the rest of your content. 
  • Make your h-tags short and sweet: Your h-tags should describe what you are talking about, but make sure they don’t exceed 60 characters. 

If you follow these simple tips for writing effective H-tags in your online content, you can ensure that your heading tags are both effective for search engine recognition as well as functional for your readers. 

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