Why are Google Posts Important for Your SEO Strategy?

Although Google first launched the “posts” feature back in 2016, it originally didn’t gain much traction among users. Many did not take advantage of the feature and expected it would phase out quickly. However, now over 2 years later, Google posts are becoming one of the most important pieces of your SEO strategy. These short posts could be having more of an impact than you would expect; Learn more below about how they can give you an SEO boost.

Generating Organic Clicks

Google posts are typically 100-300 word posts, which can be accompanied by a photo or video. They’re intended to be used for sales, promotions, events, or news about your business. The most important element in these posts, perhaps, is the call-to-action button. This allows users to click to the button to book, order online, buy, learn more, sign up, or call now. These buttons encourage users to take action and therefore generate more organic clicks. By having users interact with your listing, you’re also increasing your “Behavioral Signals,” one of Google local’s key ranking factors. Posting fresh content often will help to bring users back to your site often. You also have the potential to increase traffic to other pages on your site through these posts.

Stand out Amongst Competitors

As we first mentioned in this article, Google posts are something that many businesses did not use, and still, are not taken full advantage of across many industries. If your competitors are not posting, this is the perfect opportunity to use these posts as leverage to outrank and stand out amongst competitors. Think about it, if you were to search “best Italian food near me,” and 3 options show up; 1 has a photo of a delicious crispy chicken parm on top of thin angel hair penne with a side of garlic bread that’s practically making your mouth water just looking at it, and the other 2 just show you the name of a business you’ve never heard of. Which would you be more likely to click on? Most likely, the chicken parm. Take this idea and apply it to your company or industry in order to win over potential clients that may come across your page in the search results.

Optimizing for Voice Search

It’s expected that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches; an astoundingly high amount. With this significant increase in voice searches, it’s imperative that you’re keeping in mind VEO (voice engine optimization). Because Google My Business listings dominate a large number of search results, it’s crucial that they’re fulling optimized. Taking advantage of Google posts, and including visuals that will help you stand out over competitors is imperative.


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