Why Are Clicks For My Business Name on AdWords Expensive?

If you’re running AdWords campaigns, and you notice an abnormally high cost-per-click for search queries specifically for your business, don’t panic.

High cost-per-clicks for important keywords, which you can usually rely on for low average CPCs, can occasionally as more expensive than usual, especially in small sample sizes. This can be due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Time of Day: During certain time periods, there may be more competitors bidding on specific keywords. This drives up the price of keywords, as your competitors may also be bidding on your business’ name.
  • Keyword Type: Depending on whether or not your business’ keyword is an exact match, broad match or phrase match, you may be spending more. You will typically find that exact match keywords tend to fetch a lower price on AdWords.
  • Location: Just like how different times of the day can be more expensive, your business’ name, as a keyword, can be more expensive depending on the city in which the user clicked on your ad.

To prevent search queries from your business name from being too expensive, follow these tips:

  • Refine Your Negative Keyword List: Adding negative keywords will help cut down on clicks for other, irrelevant search terms. While it may not cut down on the cost of search queries for your business name, it will at least reserve some money for other keywords.
  • Use Exact Match Keywords Moving Forward: Using exact match keywords will cut down on the average cost-per-click, as your website’s content, which will reflect the name of your business will improve your keywords ad relevance, and therefore quality score, which directly lowers your average cost-per-click.


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