Why A Secure Site Is Good For SEO

An SSL certificate (or “https” as most people know it) on a website is always a reassuring sign for both the creator of a website and the users traversing one. The reason it exists in the first place is to keep both party’s information secure. You’ll notice on a browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox that there will always be indicators that a website is secure or not secure. Google Chrome and Safari, for example, will display a small lock symbol next to the url. Beyond that, however, come a plethora of benefits that can make a positive impact on a website’s search engine optimization. Here are some ways an SSL certificate is beneficial for your search engine optimization. 

Search Engines Prefer It 

Between 2014 and 2016, Google updated its algorithms that favored search engine rankings for sites with SSL certificates, meaning that your site could have great content, but if it wasn’t secure, a competitor in your industry with a secure one could rank higher than yours. By making your site an “https” website, you stand a greater chance to rank higher because now it has the trust of both users as well as search engines.

Better Site Speed 

When your site is an “https” site, its speed increases dramatically compared to the nonsecure counterparts. A faster site leads to more traffic, which leads to a higher chance of more conversions. Faster site speeds are also more favored by search engines such as Google.

Your Content is Safe from Hacking 

Content is one of the top contributors to a website’s SEO. It’s also a great tool to draw in current and prospective customers. Without an SSL certificate, your content is that much more vulnerable to a hacker, who can either infringe on well-written content or even duplicate it, which bodes poorly for your search engine rankings. Installing an SSL certificate is another means of protecting your content from bad actors that can negatively affect your content.

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