Who is Using DuckDuckGo?

Earlier this month, we wrote a blog about how the Search Engine Duck Duck Go saw impressive traffic growth throughout 2015. Although, if you are not in the web marketing or SEO industry, there is a good chance that you haven’t even heard of this search engine. So if you and your friends haven’t heard of it, who is using it? A new report was published by SimilarWeb discussing the type of people who use this privacy-focused search engine.

The top 5 visited sites by DuckDuckGo users have shown a great interest in tech news information. This is compared to the popular search engine of Bing, which shows average sites that you’d expect to see.

Popular sites that DuckDuckGo users travel to include:

  • YCombinator.com
  • NYtimes.com
  • Github.com
  • 4chan.org
  • Whitehatsec.com

All of these sites except for the NY Times are niche sites. This shows that tech followers are the loyal users of DuckDuckGo. There is a good chance that many of you haven’t heard of 4/5 of those sites. Look at that and compare it with Bing’s top 5 sites:

  • Google.com
  • Reddit.com
  • Amazon.com
  • MSN.com
  • Baidu.com

Along with its unique users, people are also more engaged on DuckDuckGo averaging 9.38 minutes vs. Bing.

While DuckDuckGo has seen considerable growth, the still have an upward climb for finding new users.

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