Who is Fred & What Does This Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update Mean?

A recent unconfirmed Google Update has been taking the SEO world by storm ever since yesterday morning. This update seems to be targeting the link quality aspects of the overall algorithm. Playing off of the suggestion from Google’s very own Gary Illyes,  this update has been given the name Fred.

Most of the frantic chatter has been coming from black hat SEO community websites which generally means that this algorithm update is targeting spam in regards to links. When Google had a different link spam update earlier this year, it was also unconfirmed by Google. By now, we know Google will probably not confirm many updates as they are always updating their algorithms to make sure that everything is perfect.

One of the major things that webmasters have been discussing is the fluctuation of search results rankings. Either there have been major ranking increases or major decreases for different websites. In addition, several tracking tools have been noticing volatility in their readings which points to an algorithm update. Little is known about this update but once more information is provided you can check back here for the latest news in the SEO world.

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