Who is affected most by Google’s Panda 4.1?

When a new updated algorithm is produced by Google there are many immediate and noticeable changes in search engine rank based on what the new algorithm is trying to accomplish. In the case of Google’s most recent update Panda 4.1, the focus was to reward websites for continuously producing new and original content and penalize those websites whose content is less original and doesn’t update as often. What types of industries would this update affect the most?

The latest Google metrics has shown a huge decrease in search engine visibility to websites that are based in the gaming industry, written lyric industry and even the medical field. These areas were negatively impacted because most of the content produced in these fields is information found on multiple websites that doesn’t change. For example the lyrics to one song do not change, but there are literally hundreds of websites containing the same lyrics to one song. The same is true in the medical field. Symptoms & treatments of diseases and infections rarely change and there are a lot of sites that cover the same type of illness with the same information.

The websites that have gotten a huge boost in search engine rank and internet visibility are the websites that constantly are producing new and original content. The news and technology industry was the biggest winners of Panda 4.1 because these are two industries that are constantly changing and updating. It is easy to see how news websites have benefited from this update because new stories are born every day and there are a million different ways to report a story. That allows for one website to post multiple new stories full of original content daily and the same is true of technology.

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