Who Has the Better Story?

The Instagram Stories feature created by Facebook has grown to have more than 250 million users a day over the past year. Their continuous roll out of updates places the pressure on their major competitor, Snapchat. Snapchat only has about 160 million users daily. Both social media platforms have similar features, but who has the better features, app, and story?

People want to grow their audience. In order to grow their audience, it would be helpful to be found. Snapchat’s search function is much more difficult to navigate, find, and follow a person compared to Instagram. Instagram offers suggestions to individuals based on their followers and likes. Instagram’s Explore page gives user the option to find accounts of other individuals who are similar to their styles and interests.

A major factor for many people is that you cannot link any other social media accounts to their Snapchat such as YouTube or Twitter. Snapchat does have this linking capability for advertisers, but not for regular users. Instagram only allows a person to link one external link to their profile. Instagram has the advantage on both ends, whereas Snapchat only caters to advertisers.

The quality of videos is a huge deal breaker, especially for those who film for a living or use it as their main way to reach their audience. Snapchat’s feature only allows for ten seconds of live shooting. The liveshot can be shaky and the quality of what is being filmed can be less than what is expected. Snapchat does allow for videos to be posted from your phone, but the time limit is a troublesome issue. Instagram Stories allows you to post content up to a minute from your phone. They have live videoing as well, and the quality is still above Snapchat.

Snapchat provides the bare minimum when it comes to statistics. Snapchat provides their users with how many people have viewed the story, number of screenshots,  and unique views. As a business owner or company, you need much more information. Instagram provides the measures an individual looks for when promoting their business such as followers, website clicks, impressions, engagements, and suggested demographics.

There is still room for Snapchat to grow into its potential, but as of right now Instagram is winning this race for the top Stories feature and app overall.

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