How Can You Check Your Website for Duplicate Meta Data?

A key ingredient to your SEO campaign is developing unique page titles and meta descriptions for each page. We use unique pages titles and meta descriptions so the Google can differentiate one page from the next. If all of our pages had the same meta data, upon first glance, search engines might assume that all the pages were the same. Search engines use meta data a first indicator of what information it should expect to find on the page.  If your website is very small it might not be difficult to ensure that all the pages have unique meta data, but what if your website is very large?

There are numerous products online that you can purchase to help evaluate your website but fortunately Google Webmasters Tools offers similar products for free. After you install Google Webmasters Tools, there is a section that will allow you to view HTML improvements. Using the dashboard on the left hand side, navigate to Search Appearance and then select “HTML Improvements”.  webmasters 1

When you arrive at this page you arrive at this page you will be presented with information regarding duplicate meta descriptions,  long meta descriptions, short meta descriptions, missing title tags, duplicate titles tags, long title tags, short title tags.

webmasters 2If you click on each URL link it will take you to a page where each HTML improvement is presented with the corresponding URL. Using this information yo0u can navigate to the specified page and update its content. This will help you ensure that each page has its own unique page title and meta description.

I recommend returning to this section of webmasters tool regularly to check up on your SEO efforts. This free tools from Google can help you avoid a simple mistake.

By Matthew Wilkos

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