Who are the Winners & Losers of Google’s Mobile Algorithm?

Since last week’s new Google mobile algorithm rollout last week many wondered, how much of this will affect ranking on mobile search results. According to Searchmetrics there are notable winners and losers that are starting to roll in.

This data was collected was based on a data point from Searchmetrics called Mobile SEO Visibility. This processes the difference between Desktop and Mobile performance based on identical search volume and calculations. Founded by early data, Searchmetrics was able to narrow down top 50 winners based on gains in Mobile SEO Visibility and the top 50 losers are based on losses in Mobile SEO Visibility.

For a full list of winners and losers of Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update view here. Something to note on this mobile friendly data is that Google’s continuously updating data; this data is based from April 25, 2015.

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