Which Type of Content is Right for your Social Strategy?

In order to truly resonate with their target audience, social media marketers need to decide which type of content is right for them. Text, photos and videos all provide different pros and cons. Here are a few ways each type of content can prove itself useful within your social media strategy.


Obviously, text allows social media marketers to really go in-depth with the overall message of the post. Text-based posts without an accompanying image are generally not recommended, except for on Twitter. Text-based Twitter posts are great for when marketers want to get a short and to-the-point message out to their followers or for live-tweeting an event.


Photos are a great choice across ALL platforms – most notably Instagram – because they are excellent way to grab attention. Photos also afford social media marketers a quick and easy way to showcase their products or happy customers. Just as it’s recommended to include a photo with your text-based posts, it’s also a good idea to include a caption with your photo, and even better, a hashtag.


Possibly the most interactive form of content, videos are tailor-made for marketers want to release a how-to tutorial on a new product, or invite brand loyalists to showcase the product in action. GoPro is a good example of a well-known brand for which video makes a lot of sense. Video is the way to go for social media marketers who wish to engage in digital storytelling and truly connect with their followers online.

Ultimately, social media marketers need to determine which type of content makes the most sense for connecting with their target audience. The nature of the product or service also, to some extent, also helps in deciding on a content type. It’s worthwhile to experience with all forms of content to see which receives the most interaction from followers.

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