Which Social Media Platform is the Best for My Business?

Social media is an amazing way to connect to your consumer base and gain valuable information on their interests, habits, and other ways people interact digitally. As a business owner, you can use social media to your advantage, directly interacting with current and potential customers to build and maintain long-term relationships. We’ve highlighted some popular platforms so you can decide which works best for your business needs and goals.


Instagram is one of the most media-forward platforms on this list. Pictures and videos are central to the app, and captions are there simply to provide more context. This platform is great for all businesses, as it lends a quick and accessible opportunity to connection and storytelling with regular posts, Stories, Reels, Highlights, and more. Instagram also has a Shopping feature that blends social media and ecommerce, letting users buy directly from brands through their IG accounts. Creating a business account will let you view user insights and analytics, along with offering an on-page contact option for phone calls and emails. Since younger generations tend to use this platform the most, this is great for businesses in the beauty industry or for ecommerce clothing stores.


Facebook stands as the most popular platform, with well over 3 billion users total and growing. Since Facebook has been around for quite a long time, multiple generations are familiar with the site and feel comfortable connecting with businesses through it. This is ideal for most businesses, but in particular for those who want to target a diverse range of customers. Creating a business profile allows you to view analytics, boost your posts for a fee, or generate ads to attract even more attention. Dental offices, restaurants, med spas, and so many other businesses can benefit from the ease of using this network and the wide reach it offers.


LinkedIn is a way for business professionals to connect. It is a social media platform, job forum, and networking site all in one. Though not all individuals in your company need to have an account, it is extremely helpful to create a business page on LinkedIn. You’ll be able to share and gain important insights from other working professionals and companies, keeping a close eye on your competitors while leaving the door open for future employees to reach out. This option works well for companies who are trying to expand their network and develop new business opportunities.

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