Which Social Media Outlets are Best for Your Business?

Your SEO plan wisely includes the use of social media to spread the word about your business.  While all are great options to gain exposure and generate some healthy links to your web site, not all are created equal or, better stated, used the same way.  A recent study by Zintro has pulled together some interesting statistics on usage for some of the most popular social media sites that may help you to plan your strategy around demographics and overall use.

Facebook has over 845 million users, which gives you one very large potential audience.  Users tend to be fairly young with the largest age group at 21-24 years-old.  Behind that, are the 18 -20 and 35-44 year-old users.  Two big Facebook benefits are they ability to interact directly with individual customers and the facility to capture all the information about your business in one place.   Of course, one of these benefits can also become a drawback if your goal is to maintain a lot of one-to-one contact.  With the number of users being so large, you may be inviting more feedback than you can sometimes handle.

Twitter uses tweet an average of 340 million tweets per-day!  The tweet is a great, short and sweet way to make announcements or provide updates.  It’s also a great way for you to monitor what people are saying about you as well.  Of course, the ability to respond quickly with so much exposure is one of the great benefits here.  Female “tweeters” out-number the males at 54.6% and most users are between 31 and 49 years-old.

For more professional connections and showing off your accomplishments, you’ll want to be sure to use the 150+ million strong LinkedIn.  LinkedIn also allows you start conversations and professional groups with your peers.  Here, males outnumber females by 1% and the almost half the users are aged 35-54.

Google+ is the newer kid on the block of these four, but it’s kinship with the search engine is making it very attractive as a part of a comprehensive SEO plan.  Males are the dominant users here at almost 70%.  Benefits to Google+ are the abilities to establish conversations and to build networks or “circles” that encompass targeted audiences.

While all of these can be beneficial to you, to keep them active and vital, they need regular maintenance or people – and search engines – stop visiting with any frequency.  So as you begin to roll out your social media presence, think of your prime demographic and work from there first.

–          Don MacMelville

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