Which Metrics in Analytics are Most Valuable to Track?

Google Analytics is an important tool that can be used to gain insights into helping grow your business. However, Google Analytics contains an extensive amount of information, which can be overwhelming to the average user. Some of the information it provides is more important than others. Determining and understanding which metrics are useful can help to save you time and effort, while still giving you the most relevant information to make business decisions. So which metrics should you focus on?

User Demographics and Interest

Tracking demographics and interests of your users will help you to learn information such as where your visitors are from, their age, gender, what they’re most interested in, etc. This can help you to make informed decisions about what type of content, and offers will be most relevant to put on your site. For example, if you’re a personal trainer and have been targeting millennials and the younger population on your website, but notice that much of your traffic is from people ages 55+, you may want to add some content about why physical activity is important as you get older and the many benefits it can have.

Form Conversions

As a business, one of the most important metrics you’ll care about is conversions. These leads that could turn into potential customers or sales. Tracking your forms are an indicator of engagement, and if your site is interesting users enough to want to convert. If you notice that your conversions are not as high as you may like, try adding them to more pages on your site or adjusting the placement of it to try to engage more users.

Popular Content and Exit Pages

Google Analytics allows you to see which pages are being viewed the most, how long people are staying on that page, and which pages people exit immediately. This allows you to understand which content is most popular, and which is not performing well. This will give you the opportunity to provide users with more of the content that they want to see.

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