Which is Better for SEO: Backlinks or Content?

If you are unsure about which strategy you should be focusing on to optimize your website through backlinks or content you have come to the right place. It is a common question a marketer gets asked when looking for ways to improve their search visibility. The correct answer is content, content should be the prime focus to your SEO strategy and here’s why

Content is for Your Users

Although backlinks are specifically for SEO purposes, content is what engages with your users, and drive traffic to your site. Content is essentially helping your business build a relationship with your audience which can lead to buying products or fill out lead forms. 

Content Is People Link

Once you have established building helpful and informative content, you can start attracting links naturally. The more natural links that point to your site the more authority you gain which can improve your search rankings.

Content Defines a Page Topic

Backlines do not always define what is on the page but it can provide an idea on what to expect by using rich keywords to your header tag, title tags, and internal links. We highly recommend not focusing on and not the other because if your backlinks do not have a natural-looking mix you could potentially be hit by devaluation or manual action.

Content Helps with Site Structure

Content can help build a strong site structure and architecture through internal linking. Site structure displays how you organize your website’s content, therefore, the way you structure your site will communicate to Google about where to find the most valuable content on your site. It also allows search engines what your site is about or what you are selling. A helpful site structure will help search engines to crawl and index quickly can lead to a higher ranking in search results. 

Quality links do bring in attention as they potentially build your domain authority and rankings, however, this cannot be accomplished without high-quality content. If you are uncertain how to build content that brings in traffic or improve your search rankings, let Boston Web Marketing be the ones to guide you. Contact us today for a free consultation see how we can optimize your site. 

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