Which is Better for My Business, YouTube or Vimeo?

Video can be a great tool to get your content out in front of a wide audience if you have the time, skills and resources, from basic how-to videos to full-scale commercials. You can reach thousands of people going through video rabbit holes through desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The big question many businesses find themselves asking is: what is the best video site for me?

YouTube has over one billion users, and that number continues to climb year over year. Since 2014, YouTube has reached more people in the coveted 18-49 demographic than any American cable network. It is the second most used search engine in the world, following its owner, Google, and an average video binge lasts almost an hour. Anyone can have a YouTube channel and upload videos, and they are all available online and on the YouTube app, even businesses, and it can be used to drive profits through ads and calls-to-action placed in the video description and on annotations throughout your video. Ads placed before your video may dampen enthusiasm for your video, particularly if it is for a competing service, but most ads can be skipped after a five-second viewing period.

Vimeo, unlike YouTube, does not feature ads and places importance on the quality of the videos it displays. Videos with higher production value are more likely to be promoted as a Staff Pick over a prank or tutorial video. You can customize your embedded video’s display colors and show your own logo over the Vimeo branding, unlike with YouTube. However, Vimeo links see more problems ranking than YouTube links, partially because of how YouTube is incorporated into the Google Ranking Algorithm, and has a smaller viewer base. Businesses also have to pay for accounts, with limited storage capacities.

The platform you chose should meet your needs for video hosting. If you are looking for views, YouTube may be right for you. If you are looking for something you can brand yourself, Vimeo may be the better option.

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