Which Content Management System is My Website Using?

Which CMS am I using?

If you have recently gained access to your website or a website that you are managing, it is important to know which CMS or ‘content management system’ that your website is running on. There are many tools online that will tell you which system you’re site is currently using. I recommend the following two websites:

Both tools are useful in that they are able to detect around 100 different content management systems out there. Just enter in the url of your website into the search tool and it will give you a response. Below is an example of the results of our website using WhatCMS.org:

CMS FAQ blog

If you type in your website and it gives you this response:

CMS FAQ blog2

First, check for typos. If you are sure the URL is entered correctly, then your website is probably not running on a CMS. This could mean your site is an HTML or PHP site. It could also mean that you are running on a totally custom content management system and you should contact your web designer for more information.

For those of you who are still unsure what a CMS or content management system is, let’s go over some basics:

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS is what a computer program or application that manages and organizes the content on your website including text, movies, pictures, and links.

What does a CMS do?

Though functionality and user interface varies, a CMS allows users to easily publish and edit and add pages, content, text, images, and blog posts, etc without having to code in html or php. Content management systems allow for easy collaboration and multiple users to work on your website.

What are some common Content Management Systems?

The most popular content managements being used are  Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. All three CMS are free and you can download them all online. Some designers build custom content management systems, or use a cms that their company created. If you are setting up a new site or if you want to consider converting your site to a new CMS, read my other blog about choosing a CMS

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