Which Actions Can Be Considered Conversion Goals?

There are many aspects within a website that can properly track user’s interactions while visiting your site. By setting up conversion goals in Google Analytics, you can view user performance across a number of reports, and that data can provide enough insight to make important changes. Changes that can help you succeed as a business owner.

So which call to actions can be considered successful conversion goals?

  • Contact Forms. If you are interested in knowing how many visitors/potential customers had recently filled out your online contact form regarding a question about your business, services or general information, you can start by adding a separate ‘Thank You’ page that appears when a contact form is successfully filled out. This will give you a better idea of the exact number of forms filled out and which successful transactions turned into actual clients.
  • Social Media. Not sure if you are generating enough traffic to your social media outlets? Slap a goal on your social media buttons so that you can see which outlet is a popular hit and which isn’t. Maybe this means you should move your buttons to a more obvious spot on your site for users to click on? Trial and error.
  • Directions page. The great thing about tracking how many people click on your location map is that these users are most likely going to become customers. If performing a local search and coming upon your page, most likely the user knows that you are convenient and easy to locate.
  • Phone Number. Not sure where the calls to your business are coming from? ‘Click to call’ is one of the most popular call to actions that you can implement because it allows you to see how many users are visiting your site and calling your business based off that telephone number. So if you get 50 calls a day, and you check your conversion rate for and it says that 48 users used your website to call you that means your web traffic is up, as well as your organic search results.

Building a strategy by tracking to see which call to actions work on your website and which don’t, means that you as a business owner, are actively trying to make your site user-friendly and enhance your business on the web.

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