Where to Find Free Stock Videos for Social Media?

Have you noticed how social feeds are becoming more video-oriented? Social videos have been a growing trend for any successful content strategy, as they do a great job capturing people’s attention and stimulating the engagement. For small and medium sized businesses, the idea of video marketing can sound like a time-consuming and expensive investment, considering production cost and complexities. Fortunately, we know places where you can find royalty-free video content and use it for social media marketing!



All of 1.3 million images and videos found on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons Zero License, which means you’re absolutely free to use or modify any multimedia. While Pixabay is known more for stock images, you can find a pretty good library of HD videos on a wide array of topics.



Also known for their stock image gallery, Pexels has now expanded to a great collection of stock videos in high definition. Feel free to edit and use the videos, as they also fall under the CC0 license. They also compile popular searches for the most in-demand stock video content.



On Videvo, an extensive video footage collection is created by a user community. While most videos are released under the Standard Attribution License (thus, available for personal and commercial use), watch out for the ones that note “Creative Commons 3.0”. CC3.0 videos can be used in any project, but the original creator must be credited.


Life of Vids

This collection of free stock videos and clips has no copyright restriction (except for redistribution limits) and it is updated on a weekly basis. To download a video, open it through the Vimeo website and click on an arrow underneath.



Unlike other websites in this post, Splitshire is created and updated by just one web designer, Daniel Nanescu. He offers his personal multimedia material absolutely free, which makes these photos and videos more unique than the ones found on other stock websites. On Splitshire, you’ll find drone footage, capturing beautiful landscapes and skylines.

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