Where Should I Run Paid Advertisements?

If you own or operate a business, finding ways to promote yourself is a major influence on the amount of business you’ll receive. If you promote your business in the right place, it has the potential to bring you a great amount of business so choosing where to do so is crucial. Use our guide to decide where you should run paid advertisements to better your conversion rates!

Google AdWords

Google is a great place to advertise regardless of what industry you are in. Because nearly everyone uses Google to perform searches, running Google advertisements are often worth the investment. With AdWords, you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your landing page so you can easily control your budget and pause whenever you want a break. Google’s advanced system allows you to have immense control of where and when your ads are displayed so it is a perfect match for both common businesses and more niche industries.

Yelp Ads

Running Yelp advertisements is a viable option for many business owners who have a loyal client base on Yelp. If you have a lot of reviews on Yelp that show you run a professional, reliable business and your clients are willing to attest to that, Yelp is a great place to advirtise to other users where they can see all of this.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is another outlet many businesses use to advertise their products or services. Facebook is another tool that allows you to specify who is seeing your ads to extreme specifics so it offers opportunity for any business. Facebook’s social atmosphere will also help your business, as users can easily click on your Facebook page where, if you manage your social media and post frequently, they can get a better feel for your business.
Finding the best place to advertise your business will help you make the most out of your investment. Boston Web Marketing offers paid advertising services to help businesses grow. Contact us today for a free quote!

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