Where should I be looking for helpful social media stats in Google Analytics?

Sometimes the best way of knowing how well you are doing on social media is to just look at your Google Analytics statistics. If you have this feature encrypted into your website, you should be able to see how you are engaging with your audience and what you can do to improve your social media marketing strategies.

Here are 5 of the most useful reports in Google Analytics that will help all social media marketers!

  1. Traffic by social channel. This is where you can see which social media network sends you the most visits to your website.
  2. Social media traffic. This section allows you to see how much social media contributes to your overall visits on your website.
  3. Landing pages. Being able to see which landing pages are shared most on your social media and which ones gain the most interaction with your audience.
  4. Set up goals on your website. Installing code like conversion tracking can help you understand the various paths in which people take to convert through your website or blog.
  5. Set up a campaign. If you’re running a social media campaign, you can append the URLs you’re sharing with a UTM parameter. A UTM parameter is a bit of text that goes at the end of your link.

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