Where Can I Add Pages to My Website?

One factor that can help your website get found on search engines, is the process of building more pages. Expanding from your basic five page website isn’t as difficult as you may think. Google likes websites that are constantly growing and have a lot of pages. Two great ways to build your website larger are expanding on your business services and also by blogging.

Many websites have a list of services which they provide. This is good, you want a visitor to know your services. The bad part is that you don’t have any text to go along with the individual service. The same thing applies when Google tries is ranking your website. Google won’t rank your websites service high if they don’t know anything about your particular service. It is very important to create each service it’s own page and to make sure it’s unique. The same idea applies with blogging. Almost every website can add a blog. Each blog can include industry and company related topics that incorporate keywords you want to be found for. When creating new pages, it is also very important that each page is unique with fresh text. Unique and relevant content on each page with boost the overall strength of your website.

Additional service pages and a constant influx of blogs give your website a much better chance to get found on the internet.

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