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Where Are the Visitors to My Website Coming From and Why is it Important to Know?

Knowing where your website visitors are coming from is very important. If you know how people are coming across your site you’ll know which part of your SEO marketing strategies are working and which ones may need a little extra attention. Lucky for you, tracking who comes to your site is easy. Google Analytics is a tool that all websites should have if you’re looking to track the visitors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has an array of categories that gives you all sorts of information on where your traffic is coming from. These categories include:

Direct: Traffic that comes from people typing in your site’s URL in the browser.

Organic: Traffic that comes from people finding you through Google or other search engines.

Referral: Traffic that comes from people clicking your website link from another website.

Social: Traffic that comes from your social media posts.

Paid: Traffic that comes from paid advertisements or PPC (Pay Per Click)

Email: Traffic that comes from a link in an email you send.

Google Analytics also helps you see the geography and demographics of your site’s visitors. It will tell you the percentage of male vs female visitors as well as the age range of the visitors. You will also see where the visitors are geographically located. It will be specific with which country they are in and which town they are in. Knowing the gender, age, and location of your visitors is key. This will help you continue targeting them as well as implement strategies to target different cities and towns as well as the other gender.

A few other categories that Google Analytics focuses on are how many visitors arrived to your site in the last month, how long did they spend on the site, how many conversions were completed in the last month, and more. You can compare your results month to month or year to year to see the growth of your site. Google Analytics is really an amazing tool to track your SEO efforts.

Reading and understanding this data will help you see where your current strategies are lacking and help you plan which strategies to put more focus on. This will hopefully lead to successful SEO for your site throughout all the categories.

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