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Where Are My Users Coming From?

For all businesses, it is beneficial to learn more about their audience. This way they can cater their message and branding appropriately to the demographic that shows the most interest in their offerings. Its just good marketing and business to have a deeper understanding of your audience. If you are a business who has Google Analytics installed properly, you should be taking advantage of it to gain more insight into your audience.

Leveraging Analytics Information

If your business could benefit from learning where your users are coming from, you are in luck! By leveraging the power of Google Analytics, you can learn what countries, states, & cities your users are coming from. Assuming you have set up analytics properly, the first thing to do is to log into your account.
On the left panel, under “Reports,” you’ll find the section titled, “Geo.” This is what you need to access in order to analyze where your traffic is coming from.  One of the sub-menus under “Geo” is “Location.” By default, it will sort by country. From there you can change the dimensions to show major cities.
If you would like to sort by state, instead of going to sub dimensions, click on the country you would like to get more granular information on. This will bring up the states where you get the most traffic from, starting most to least. This is another way to get down to the cities view; by clicking on the state, the top cities will come up.
Now that you know how to find out where your traffic is coming from, you can start optimizing your content and marketing campaign. Happy marketing!



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