When to Use a Search vs. Display Network Campaign on AdWords

As anyone in marketing knows, some advertising campaigns work better with certain industries than others. For instance, a viral social media campaign may not be as successful for a plumbing company as it may be for a new nightclub. This marketing principle also applies for Google AdWords.

Businesses use AdWords to reach a wider audience. Of course, this costs money, and like any other paid form of advertising, businesses want to make sure their money is well-spent. The two primary types of AdWords campaigns are Search Network campaigns and Display Network campaigns. There’s also the option to use the features of both search and display network campaigns, but all under one campaign, which is called a Search Network with Display Select campaign.

Search Network Campaign: This campaign puts AdWords advertisements into the search engine results pages (SERPs) above the organic search results. These advertisements are not limited to Google SERPs, however. Google’s partner sites, such as AOL and Ask.com, will also display these ads.

These text-based ads are most effective for reaching customers who need a specific service that can easily be found on Google. Companies in the service industry, such as plumbers, would find a Search Network Campaign to best fit their advertising needs. This is because often times, when people are in need of plumbing services, their problems arise suddenly, warranting a quick internet query to find a reliable plumber.

Display Network Campaign: With a Display Network Campaign, advertisers have the ability to display their ads across multiple types of media. On various sites, you may notice “sponsored links” on the sides or tops of the pages. These are coming from the Display Network, and can be seen on YouTube, various websites, and mobile applications.

Display Networks are particularly effective for spreading awareness for a certain brand or product. While Search Network Campaigns may lead to a higher conversion percentage, Display Networks make great campaigns for targeting a specific audience.

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