When to Boost Your Facebook Post to get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

A lot of people have been noticing the “boost” button in the bottom right hand corner of any Facebook posts that are made.boost your facebook post

Boosting a Facebook Post may be very intriguing to a lot of business owners who have a Facebook page that isn’t being seen by as many users as they would like, which is correlated to less profit. The new boost function can be a helpful tool to expand a company’s Social Media reach, but it all comes down to the timing of your Facebook post boost.
Business owners might decide to boost their post as soon as they post it, but they are jumping the gun. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that whatever Facebook post you want to boost either has content that people would want to read or can help your business (ticket sales, consultation signup, etc.). It is important for a Facebook post to organically reach all of the page followers first; that way your Facebook Post has reached all of the people that would see it anyways and who would potentially share it with their friends. Once there is a lull in activity with your Facebook post, that is the perfect time to boost it.

There are different options in terms of price, projected reach, length of boost, etc. for each post; this should change based on the type of post you have and what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you are hosting an event that is happening shortly, have a lot of tickets left, and posting the event on Facebook is your main form of advertisement, then the business owner might want to reach more people quickly and spend more money for a projected reach. On the other hand, if the event is in a year or only has a few open spots left, it may be a better idea to slightly boost your Facebook post with a less expensive option for a longer period of time or not even boost your Facebook post at all.

Facebook post boosts can be very useful, but it is important to remember that content and timing are everything when it comes to the boosting. First, make sure the content of your post is worth the reader’s time. Then, wait until the initial wave of organic “likes” and “comments” has passed to try and reach new users and potential clients.

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