When Should I Update WordPress?

Most businesses and individuals that own and operate a WordPress site have and will continue to come across various updates.  When it is a plug-in that needs to be updated, it is often a simple click of the button and you are then able to use the most up-to-date version with better functionality.  However, when the update is for the actual version of your WordPress site itself, many become weary of making the change in fear that something may go wrong.

While you should absolutely update WordPress as frequently as possible, as this ensures the most safety features and advanced options for your site, there are some points that should always be addressed before actually doing so.

-Make sure that you have FTP access for your WordPress site.

-Back up your website; download all of your WordPress files via FTP and save them on your computer.  This is will protect you in the case that something happens to go wrong or your site crashes; you’ll have your old website backed up and will be able to easily restore this version.

-Update your WordPress version before updating any plug-ins also associated with the site.  Some plug-in updates may not be compatible until you have acquired your new WordPress version; focus on the site itself first and then go through any additional features that may have improvements available.

As with all other aspects of online marketing and SEO, it is important to be aware of any and all changes and advancements available.  Your website is the foundation of your presence on the internet, and being up-to-date with all components of it will ensure the most secure, user-friendly and appealing representation of your brand.

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