When Should I Optimize For the Holidays?

Christmas is right around the corner!
Okay, it’s really not, we have a few more months to get through.  But if your business is one that especially benefits from the holiday season, now is the time to start optimizing your website for holiday-related keywords.
Most SEO strategies are primarily focused on the long-term goals of getting found for practical and relevant keywords, so how do you optimize for short-term seasonal trends?
Here are four aspects of a creating a seasonal campaign to consider:
Start Early: An effective SEO strategy takes time to show results.  If you wait until December to start targeting seasonal and holiday-related keywords, the shopping season will probably be over before you even have a chance of ranking for those keywords.  To gain dominance on search engine results pages, you need to start your SEO campaign several months prior to the season.
Know Your Top Sale Days: Gear your efforts toward the major sale days of the year such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the “Holiday” season, and incorproate those keywords into your content.
Keep Your Main Goal in Mind: Your profits are sure to increase during the holiday season, but don’t be so fixated on just ranking for the holidays or one specific season.  Your main SEO strategy should be your main focus throughout the entire year, while the seasonal SEO strategy should be an addition to your original game plan.
Review website content: Revisit old pages and blog posts and make changes to reflect the upcoming holiday season.  Be sure to analyze your current content’s performance to have a better understanding of how users engaged with the content and what to prioritize for content in the works.

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