When Should I Hire A Marketing Agency?

Since its inception, Marketing Agencies have received mixed reviews based off of many individual (& entirely different) experiences. While many may hail them as all-knowing, efficient, and necessary; some may view them as untrustworthy, greedy, unscrupulous, and so on. While this is true for certain agencies, the one thing I have concluded is that agencies are often “Misunderstood.” The partnership between client & agency is delicate and requires rapport to make sure that the goal & vision of the owner aligns with the plan of the SEO Representative, and with this blog I hope to clear up some of the fog surrounding marketing agencies, and what a proper agency should be doing for your business, but most importantly, when you should look into hiring a marketing agency.

Today we will explore the topic of “When Should I Hire A Marketing Agency?” along with a variety of reasons and benefits that a marketing agency can offer businesses and business owners as a whole. Some quick examples are expert insight on optimizing your website, security, planning & strategizing, and so much more. Overall, one of the most important benefits that a marketing agency can offer to a business owner is giving them more time to focus on their business.

Starting A New Business

If you are just starting a business, and are caught in a tailspin reading over SEO and marketing practices, a Marketing Agency can help bring clarity and ease the stress in the process. Starting a new business is hard enough, don’t let that stress overflow by contemplating the best social post for this Saturday, or what blog topic would be good this month. Take advantage of the services that an agency can offer, and let them help achieve your business goals, without additional work on your end.

Creating A New Website

If you have been in business for years but lacked a proper website, contacting a marketing agency to review your site is a great way to get back on the first page of Google and breathe new life into an old and potentially neglected website. While starting fresh is always ideal, a marketing expert can do wonders on an older site. While functionality is always important, even making minor changes to a website can yield incredible growth in terms of traffic & conversions.

Expanding Products & Services

Whether you are adding a new product line, expanding your range of services, or even expanding your service area, having a marketing agency on board can help ensure you are doing everything imaginable when it comes to making a permanent and lasting mark on the community, on both a physical and digital front. When it comes to expanding a marketing Rep will have insight on how to properly grow your organic reach in a new community, highlighting new products, or promoting new services. This can be done in a variety of ways through Google optimization (Google My Business) On-site optimization through Service & Products pages, as well as blogging, and social posting.

Rebranding Your Business

The time has come to rebrand, where do you start? Are you changing the company name, changing the logo, or doing an entire rebrand? While you might be caught up on that new name or design logo, have you thought about how many other places that name and logo might exist in the digital sphere? A marketing agency can help reduce any chance of overlap of brand confusion by effectively scrubbing any outdated information on your company. While it is not always feasible to remove all traces, an SEO expert will do everything in their power to make sure the new content is uniform across your site and any other location that your site might be listed.

Noticeably Lower-Traffic & Conversions Onsite

If you have noticed that your business is not getting as many calls as normal, or if your requests for service are diminishing it might be time to look into hiring a marketing agency. This situation is common for older websites or companies that have been in business for years. While word of mouth is an important way to grow business, in this digital age it is imperative to stay up to date and make sure the information on your website is up to date as well, for example, the website you built 10 years ago, when was the last time it was formally updated? It is minor details like these that are normally overlooked. if optimized properly,  can drastically improve your businesses vitality.

Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency

Aside from having a team dedicated to ensuring that your website is operating efficiently at all times, there are a variety of benefits that a Marketing Agency can offer a business of any size. Below is a general list of services that *MOST* Content oriented agencies should offer.

Planning & Strategizing

The main goal for a marketing agency is to see another business find greater success than they did prior to working with an agency. Depending on the industry, SEO is fairly competitive as there are so many businesses competing for valuable keywords, and with thousands of blogs being published daily, it is important to make sure you are keeping up with your competitors, whether they are local, regional, or national. Marketing Representatives will frequently discuss current goals with business owners and based off of that feedback, the rep will take that goal and craft a practical approach to attaining that goal.


SEO is purely centered around creating organic content and driving potential clients to a website, whether it is through social media, Google, or any referral/listing website. SEO Representatives focus primarily on the following aspects of a website.  For more information on what “Content” is and how important it is for a website of any age, view our blog on “The Do’s & don’ts of Content Building.” As an added bonus, click on the bullets below for an example of what a properly formatted page looks like!

Expert Industry Knowledge

While no good services come cheap, it can be incredibly beneficial to hire a marketing agency to outsource some responsibilities without having to hire a full-time Marketer. One major benefit of partnering with a marketing agency is the experience. No matter how a website was built, it is this expertise that allows agencies to be flexible in their practices, and ultimately this allows marketers to help you reach whatever marketing goal you desire for your business.

As an added bonus outsourcing these responsibilities can give you added time to focus on other aspects of your business, which can greatly benefit your company as you have more time to ensure the success of your livelihood.

  • No site downtime, if your site is experiencing a problem, has crashed, or if you have a question, your marketing representative is there to help
  • Marketing experts are well versed in a myriad of website build styles: If your website is built with HTML or through a CMS such as WordPress, Wix, SilverStripe, chances are good we have seen it before
  • Hackers love a poorly secured website. Whether it is placing malware on the back end, or using black-hat tactics to drive your site traffic to other locations, it helps to have a guardian watching over your site to prevent these issues before they even begin


With every update via Google, plugins, or general shifts in marketing trends, it pays to have experts at the forefront. When something changes, it has the potential to change the format of your website, or even bring it down. As a business owner, a site that is offline = lost sales. Reduce any downtime by hiring a marketing agency to watch over the most important components of your business, so that you don’t have to.

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