When Should I Clean Up My Content?

Have you been maintaining a blog for a while? When’s the last time you went through and read over outdated posts? If it’s been a long time, you should consider performing a content audit.
Obsolete or under-performing posts can hurt your site’s authority and ranking within Google algorithms. High-quality content performs better overall, especially in organic rankings, and having old content show up in search results can lead to higher bounce rates, weakened domain authority and fewer clicks. If people search for something recent and your blog about a previous iteration show up in results, people will not read your content after checking the publish date.
There are ways to tell if you have content that can be revised or deleted. If you check your analytics, you can see how many posts have been looked at organically over the last three months. Begin your audit with the posts no one is clicking on. If the post is related to something still relevant, revise your work so it is applicable to the new iteration. If you wrote about something that no longer exists, delete your post. While having a lot of posts appears authoritative, having an audience through your Google ranking will look better in the long run.
While you are deciding what to do with old content, you will still need to produce new content to get in front of readers’ eyes. Fresh content is the easiest and best way to do this, but improving existing posts will help a long way. Because of the astronomical amount of raw content being produced across the Internet every day, the race to get noticed and ranked is more competitive than ever, particularly for the first page of search results.
How do you determine how to revise content? First, you should make sure your old content followed best SEO practices, checking titles, descriptions, header types and tags. Check over your competitors’ blogs, and see what kinds of images and backlinks they have. When revising pages, start with the ones ranking just below the top. Subtle and simple fixes could improve your ranking. Make sure you remember to change the date on your post, or else it will show up as being published on your original date. This can be done by utilizing the Quick Edit feature. Let people know about your post by promoting it via social media, and tag any applicable people or companies.

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