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When do you think your social media site is doing the most work for you?  During primary business hours?  Late at night when people cannot
sleep?  Or just when folks are in a browsing mood?  You may be surprised.

A recent survey of 885 Australians had some interesting results.  Yes, in fact, people are looking you up on Facebook while in the bathroom.  They’re also looking at your page while they eat, shop, pray, work and … well, you know.  Honestly, 2.8% of them – mostly men.  Take that you people who say your internet access is slow!

Here are some statistics about what they’re doing out there:

  • 25.1 percent use social media for business networking, with men almost as twice as likely as women to network this way
  • 20.28 percent use social media to connect with brands
  • 56 percent of those who connect with brands are women, with most aged in their 20s and 30s
  • 48.2 percent use social media to talk about a new purchase
  • 56 percent of those who talk about a new purchase via social media are women
  • 25.5 percent have used social media to contact a company for customer service or to ask a question
  • 48.7 percent say their social media usage has increased in the last year
  • 4.9 percent admit to being “addicted” to social media
  • 31.3 percent at least two hours a day using social media
  • 47.3 percent social media through mobile technology.

Facebook Business Page BWM

So next time you’re debating the merits of putting your business out there on social media sites, remember, you never know when somebody will decide to check on your weekly special and wander on over to your website.

– Donald MacMelville

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