When are Twitter posts indexing into Google Searches?

Google index live TweetsAs discussed in past blogs early in the year, Google with be integrating live tweets into their search results. This has been documented as another avenue to drive traffic for Search Engine Optimizers and businesses. Twitter CEO didn’t offer a specific date but said to expect a roll out in May. Details have been slim about the twitter “firehouse” that is coming to Google but this is reassuring that it is right around the corner. Although he was also able to mention that Twitter and Apple are talking about possible twitter information in Spotlight search on iOS devices.

Twitter is struggling to retain and increase its user base quick enough to satisfy many of its investors. With Googles access their live tweets, they are hoping to generate more traffic and also take advantage of its more than 500,000 visitors each and every month who aren’t signed into an account. Getting users to the social network is the first step and this will hopefully help them out.

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